In order to work with your contacts in Google APPS, click the down arrow on Mail to select and switch to your contacts page. Notice here too that you can bring up your tasks, if you like keeping a task list to help you stay organized. Or simply choose the contacts link in the black navigation bar.

Google Contacts has a list of all the users in our Domain Directory. Our Domain,, has over 2700 users, including all staff and students and also including several groups of users that we use for training purposes. When you start typing a name in the to (or CC or BCC) fields when composing a message, it starts autofilling from a list of all the users in the domain.

We have been building a spreadsheet with all staff (not students) for you to import into your contacts so you can build contact groups. Follow these instructions in order to import your contacts.

You can start building your own contacts of users outside our domains by using Contacts to add as much information on a user as you like. 

Adding Contacts

Creating Contact Groups

Gmail Contacts