The first most basic use that our users will find for their Google APPS accounts is email. This site will lead you through the basics of using the mail system. Gmail is a powerful, collaborative, full-featured mail system that will integrate very easily with your mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android, etc. In its simplest form you will just use it to compose, reply, and forward basic emails. In addition you will learn how to add attachments, send to groups, use filters and search functions, and become familiar with the archive features of Gmail. In the beginning, your email box will be empty. As time goes on you will have hundreds or thousands of messages. You will learn how to search for messages in your mail system and also how to add labels to your mail so it can be organized int he ways that you work.

As time permits, I will be adding videos to demonstrate short, easy to follow tutorials on using your new gmail account. The first demonstration video that I have made shows the basics of using Gmail to compose a message to one of the users in our domain. The second video demonstrates how you can use the invitation feature to find a time in your colleagues' schedule to meet.

Transitioning to GMail

Managing Labels

Setting up Gmail to read your Groupwise account. This first video shows you how to bring your Groupwise email into your gmail account using a POP account. Now be sure to understad that a POP account is simply a copy of your email delivered to GMail. It does not synchronize your mail accounts like an IMAP account would do on an iPhone or iPad. With IMAP, if you read an email with an IMAP account, it will show as read in Groupwise, and will also delete from Groupwise when you delete from the IMAP client. This is POP which only brings in a copy of the message and if you read it here it will show as unread in Groupwise. You will still hae to at the very least manage your groupwise account by deleting all the messages periodically from the Groupwise client.

Importing Groupwise messages to Gmail with POP

Sending messages with Gmail.

Sending Email

Scheduling meetings with GMail

Scheduling via Email