Google Takeout

La Grande School District will delete all Google Accounts for seniors within six months of graduation. It will be the responsibility of seniors to move documents out of Google Drive that the student wants to take with them for future use. After August 1, 2013, student accounts will be deleted, and access to all files will be gone. Students will need to share their important files with a private gmail account.
  • Google Takeout┬áis one option to export all your files
  • The other option is to create a private gmail account, then share your important documents with that account, then be sure to make a copy of the shared file in the private gmail account, so that the private account becomes the owner of the new document. If you do not do this, the shared file will disappear when the file gets deleted.
  • The best way to do this is to make a folder in google drive and move all your important files there. Then simply share the folder with your new private account. Now all your files are shared, and you just need to make copies of all the documents to regain ownership.