Shared Collections

Teachers can use shared collections to enable a paperless environment in the classroom. Students will use their Google accounts to access the teacher's assignment templates, make a copy, do their work, and share the finished work back with the teacher for grading and comments. This can all be accomplished without any printing of paper copies. Of course, at any time teachers and students can print copies if they so desire. Watch the video to see exactly how this is done for both students and teachers.

  1. Teacher creates a collection (fifth period or whatever).
  2. Share it with your roster of students. I would suggest that the share is view only for the students so they cannot modify the template.
  3. Put the documents you want to share with students in the collection (documents, spreadsheets, presentations).
  4. Done!
This is all the teacher has to do in order to share a set of documents with a class of students. Now there is no more setting up shares on all the individual documents that you want to share. The shared collection takes care of all the sharing rules for all the documents in the collection. Don't want them to see a document anymore? Remove it from the collection.

Now, on the student side.
  1. Look in the Collections Shared with me area of your google docs list.
  2. Click on the shared collection and see all the docs that teacher has shared with you.
  3. You can open and view the documents (view only) so then you need to go to File/Make a copy. Now you will have  new document in your home list called (Copy of xxx.document) I suggest renaming it with your name and the assignment name in the title.
  4. Do your work, google docs auto saves, so now you are ready to share it with your teacher.
  5. Create a new collection, i suggest naming it your name - class period.
  6. Share this collection with your teacher and give him edit rights.
  7. Now the teacher can see your work in the shared collection folder that you have shared with him and he can edit/comment on your work and even give you a grade on the homework.
No lost papers, everyone can work from home, teacher has all the class files in one place. Awesome!

Paperless Environment